Hello Hong Kong!


After a dreadful 19 hours on the plane, I have arrived in Hong Kong to begin my newest adventure in Asia!

The last couple weeks have flew by. I can hardly believe it has already been a month since I have arrived. I arrived in Hong Kong on August 7th midnight and every day since has been extremely packed. For the first three weeks, we had an intensive 8 – 4 training schedule that consisted of learning and brainstorming new activities as well as working with students in the afternoon and performing these new tasks we had just learned. During this time, we were also looking for an apartment to live, running from one real estate to another and negotiating the best deal. And once that was over, it was all about making our new place to feel like home.

These four weeks have been very overwhelming and stressful but also very uplifting. It has taught me so much about perseverance, about myself and others, and reminded me the reason why I am here: to embark on an exciting journey to self-discovery. I have so many goals waiting to be accomplished as I discover the city for the next 9 months.

Here are my goals this year:

  1. Language Fluency: I used to consider myself fluent in Cantonese, but the last weeks proved me wrong. It has been very difficult and challenging. Despite the fact that I can speak and understand, my vocabulary only stretches as much as conversation and what I need to converse with my family. I never realized that there were so many terms, slangs and vocabulary I have seldom/ never used and that there is so much to learn. This year would be great for improving and becoming fluent in Cantonese.
  2. Cultural Exchange: From living with 2 Brits and learning new English terms everyday, to understanding HK culture from my students, I’m really excited to be more globally-rounded. Both in English and Cantonese, I would be learning so many new slangs and increasing my vocabulary significantly and to understand the culture from the natives.
  3. Gain New Skills: This year, I teach at a college and conducts workshops and tutorials for students. Given that these classes are not mandatory, I have to create really exciting and fun activities to attract students to be interested in joining. The experience working with 18+ yrs old students in a college would be something new and I would gain new promotional and management skills in managing my own projects.

The first month has been tiring but everything is slowly fall into place.

This week has mostly been preparation and making promotional posters, but school will begin next week! So exiting.

Let the HK adventure begin!

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