The Perfect Company


My 25th birthday

I’ve always knew that I wanted to work in a small – medium company. I’ve been told before that I’m not the corporate type. So for the last three years, working in a school seemed to be a nice fit. Everyone seemed very close and personal and I knew everyone by name. I would see all the teachers in the same staff room on a daily basis and I knew who was part of the organization I was working with. It was very nice and there was no ‘big boss’ who I have never met or got to know during my contracts.

This summer, I moved out of the school setting and into a tutor centre. Everything is so fresh, new and exciting. Although there are three centres in Hong Kong, I have had the opportunity to travel and to work with all the staff in these locations. I started realizing that this ‘type’ of company is my ideal working setting and this is why:

  1. A Small Team: In large companies, the only people you may often see are the ones in your department and your supervisor. In a small private company like mine, I get to work very close with all the staff, including the admin, teachers, my manager and even my boss! My boss and her husband, the two owners of the company, are really involved and keeps a close eye on the progress of every program and travels around the different centres to ensure everything is running smoothly. They even come help with supervising and ensuring the safety of students for our summer programs and day trip excursions.
  2. A Transparent Culture: In result of a small company, issues/ concerns are immediately dealt with. There is no hassle in dealing with management, and taking a long time for answers. Reaching my boss is simply a phone call away and every two weeks when they are back in Hong Kong, we have face-to-face meetings. I am encouraged to be ‘transparent’ and to ask for help whenever needed, especially in the upcoming school year. I even get feedback on a constant basis to do even better.
  3. Building Friendships: Due to my role for teacher and program coordination, I have had the opportunity to get to know everyone and to build relationships with both the staff and teacher teams. They keep me sane and we do our best in supporting each other’s roles. It makes me happy that I have such a friendly working environment to be in.

Being in a healthy work environment is vital and important. It keeps you satisfied in going to work each day and helps to even push you further in your productivity level. Most importantly, it keeps you happy and lets you to enjoy your job.

Everyone has a story.

This is mine.